Anson Way, Kensington, California

A fresh and modern design upgrade to the existing interior of this mid-century modern home created the perfect compliment to the owner's taste and lifestyle. Furniture layouts and detailed specifications for the living room provided the starting point and primary focus for the project, and influenced the selection of related materials and finishes throughout the house.

Custom Design/Build

Custom-designed and -built furniture fit the unique needs of the homeowner. Thoughtfully selected materials, including the steel and recycled glass in this featured piece, create a pleasing visual contrast to the extensive woodwork found throughout the house.

Entry Hall, Detail

Designed and built to fit the space, this entry hall cabinet neatly collects mail and other items. The height of the legs accommodates the heat register in the wall, below.

Room Divider, Detail

The custom-designed buffet table matches the entry hall cabinet, creating visual harmony while also providing an important functional separation between the living space and the dining room area.

Edge, Detail

Recycled glass countertop and steel cabinet. All materials used are locally supplied and environmentally sustainable.

New Paint

Painting the kitchen cabinets a soft neutral color — instead of the former kelly green (!) — compliments the washed tone of the ceiling beams and the cool gray of the concrete tabletop in the dining area, completing the harmonious palette.

Bedroom Makeover

Removing the wood paneling in the upstairs master bedroom and replacing with a covering of Venetian plaster lightens and enlivens the space. New custom- sewn window treatments feature a unique design that provides privacy while also inviting more natural light into the room.

Angled Ceiling

Carefully crafted furnishings and treatments make sense of the angled ceiling in this office/guest room. The owner’s needs called for the stylish custom- designed sleeper sofa, while the room’s needs required specially sewn angle-fitted window treatments to match the slope of the ceiling. Note the complimentarily angled pattern of the fabric, aligned on all three panels. (Good design is in the details!)

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