Bryant Street, San Francisco, California

Owners were looking for an inexpensive but impactful upgrade to the building, to improve curb appeal and strengthen building identity. This formerly beige entry was painted a dramatic brick red, a herald of even more dramatic changes to the interior.

Welcoming Palette, Floating Curves

Floating curves of plexiglass panels hang above elevator doors to create visual interest and bring human scale to a tall, industrial space. The warm palette of colors used, echoed in the exterior trim, creates a welcoming feeling in this previously cold warehouse entry. The addition of a prominent feature wall provides another place for color, and highlights the tenant directory. Floors were refinished with a colored and polished concrete skim coat, completing the look.

Stairs to Nowhere

Formerly built for a two-floor tenant, this space had an interior spiral staircase; the new tenant loved the staircase, but only wanted to rent the lower floor. The owner agreed to seal it at the top, letting the spiral stairs remain as a unique architectural feature.

Maximize Light

These new offices were built out at the perimeter of a first floor tenant space. Locating along the window line and using glass above the doors maximizes the flow of light to the interior.

Famous Tenant

Originally designed on spec, this third floor suite quickly found a tenant. Twitter rented the space at a time when the company had a staff of 15.

Flexible Environment

The open, flexible environment of this third floor 3rd floor reception, lounge and break area is what drew Twitter to lease this space — which became the launching ground for future success. Design choices, the blue color, the warm wood, enhance and highlighte the old steel windows and concrete ceiling; a warehouse look and feel that attracts creative, vibrant businesses.

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