G Street, San Rafael, California

This historic, Colonial-style home required a kitchen remodel and upgrade that would improve functionality while staying appropriate to the original architectural style. This new, expanded kitchen took up the footprint of the original plus the adjacent laundry and powder room areas. Dark trim on cabinet moldings echoes the dark-wood finish at the desk and bar, and relates to original wood trim tones throughout the house.

Casual Connection

The built-in bar between the kitchen and family room serves as an informal place to eat, relax and interact with the cook.

Open Functionality

New, more generous countertop space, plus new locations for stove and sink provided much-needed improvements to the layout for the owners and their daughters, enabling the entire family to cook together.

Expand and Match

The master bedroom addition at the upper level included a new gas fireplace and new windows selected to match detailing in the other bedrooms.

Angled to Fit

Structural considerations dictated an angled-tub with corner shower arrangement, creating a generous space in front of the vanity and maintaining a luxurious overall feel to the master bath.

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