Lincoln Way, San Francisco, California

Because this existing kitchen had not been upgraded since the 1970s, both the layout of the space and the finishes were extremely outdated. A complete demolition and reconfiguration of the kitchen, with particular attention to creating maximum storage space while adhering to budget constraints, produced this modern yet affordable solution for the owner. The unique materials selected for the floors and countertops allowed for seamless application and custom colors, combining functional beauty with easy maintenance.

Strategic Accents

Blended mosaic tiles provided inspiration for the color palette. Using the tile only in the recessed niches above the stove and sink maximizes the effect of these focal points while keeping the overall budget in line.

Clear Countertops

Storage space that would allow for maintaining a clean aesthetic at all times was a priority for the owner. Solutions included a stainless-steel accessory garage, which hides countertop-use appliances behind a door.

Display Niches

Additional recessed niches were built between the studs in the wall opposite the stove to provide the owner with areas for display. Mosaic tiles unify with the rest of the new kitchen.

Door-Sized Niche

A former doorway to the kitchen was converted to a recessed niche with custom steel shelf and hooks. The angular steel table designed to fit perfectly in the entry nook maximizes use of every available inch of space.

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