Townsend Street, San Francisco, California

Adding a sharp focal point to the formerly undefined façade makes a bold statement in this high-tech-infused South of Market neighborhood. The simple addition of playful angles and modern materials provided a unique identity, refreshing the entryway of this early-20th-century commercial office building.

Enlightened Hallway

Formerly dark and narrow main corridor from the entry to elevators needed design interest and improved lighting. Suspended grid ceiling systems using metal panels were installed at playful angles, reducing the height of corridor to improve the human scale of the space while also echoing the new design elements at the front door.

Custom-Designed Guard/Reception Desk

Designed to bring beauty as well as to fulfill an important function, this new guard station addressed security issues without compromising the beauty of the common area. Thus, a formerly under-utilized landing with access to electrical panels and elevator banks is transformed into a visually appealing and important sign-in desk and reception area.

Private Reception

This full-floor tenant’s reception area was designed to make guests, visitors, and clients feel welcome the moment they step off the elevators. The company’s circular logo inspired the shape of the side-wall visual pass-through and the cut-out soffit in the ceiling.

Circular Motif, Continued

A flexible space, to be used as a work room or conference room, with less-formal tones to match the company’s aesthetic and intent. The circular motif is continued above and below, by curved cutouts in the ceiling and in the carpet pattern. The expansive white board invites activity, illuminated by a unique high-tech lighting system. Hints of exposed concrete accent the industrious feel.

Open Plan

Exposed brick walls and wood beam ceilings lend connection, scale and character to the sea of open, utilitarian work stations.

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