Claire Mischeaux, Draftsperson - Amato Architecture

Claire Mischeaux

Senior Designer

Claire loves residential design because homes are unique to the people who live in them. She loves creating spaces that make people feel at home. Claire has spent time in Italy, traveling, studying architecture and drawing the local landscape. With a combined degree in Architecture and Historic Preservation, Claire is inspired by the built world around us — from historic to traditional and contemporary buildings.

“I love older buildings and materials. I love going to house museums, going on history walks, and learning about the history of the place I’m in. I find the character and craftsmanship of older buildings special and a cool way to learn about the history of the building, the time period it was built, and the people who spent their days in it. I’m interested in seeing how architectural practices have changed and applying a historical perspective to come up with the best designs for people today.”

A native of Oakland, Claire graduated in 2017 from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s of Architecture and a minor in Historic Preservation. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing piano and guitar, and she loves exploring the city, because there’s always something new to discover! She is also practicing her Italian. Ciao!