Daniel Weiss

Senior Designer

Raised in a family of musicians, architects and artists, Daniel has a keen interest in architecture’s blend of creativity and technical precision. He is drawn to the technical challenge of putting things together. Daniel is involved in many aspects of Amato’s work, including creating drawing sets and dreaming up floor plans. He loves residential design for its opportunity to collaborate directly with the people he is designing for. Before joining the firm, he spent a year and a half as an intern at Comstock Johnson Architects, where he drafted plans, conducted field measurements and calculations and spent time with generous colleagues, learning the trade.

“I’m fascinated by scale and how people scale within built spaces— large spaces like the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, that make people feel tiny and in awe of the world’s grandeur; small spaces like the home we design that are scaled to make people feel comfortable. I’m interested in those contrasts.”

Daniel graduated from CSU Sacramento with a degree in Interior Architecture and a minor in Business Administration. A former jazz guitarist, he lives near Lake Merritt with way too many guitars. He plays whenever he has the chance.