Forrest McMillin in front of brick wall

Forest McMillin

Junior Designer

Forest has been drawing up house plans since he could hold a pencil. Knowing that he would go on to study architecture at the graduate level, he expanded his horizons by majoring in Environmental Studies and Sustainability in college. It turned out to be the perfect background for his career in architecture. As a designer, Forest is particularly interested in sustainability, focusing on how the materials and construction methods we use can be improved to align with the natural world. Forest also believes passionately that sustainable design can be high design — because structures that make the world a better place should also be beautiful to look at. At Amato, Forest specializes in the creation of CAD drawings.

“As someone with a physical disability, I am inspired to design a more accessible world for people of all abilities. Architecture is a great way to do that. I spend a lot of time thinking about the impacts of the built environment and how thoughtful design can enhance life for everyone.”

Forest holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Southern California. Originally from the Bay Area, he is happy to be back in Northern California, where he enjoys swimming, hiking, making music and all things creative.