Rebecca Amato, Owner, Principal Architect - Amato Architecture, outdoors

Rebecca Amato

Owner, Principle Architect

Hello! I am Rebecca Amato, founder and principal architect at Amato Architecture since 2002. I am passionate about the functionality of each space I create. My designs reflect an attention to the way people flow through a designed space, and, as a Bay Area architect, I focus on how to best maximize that space with respect for the existing architecture, proportions and surround.

I started my career as a commercial designer working for large architectural firms, I’ve created interiors and hotel designs in Nepal, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Beijing. As the principal at Amato Architecture, I bring that commercial experience to the design of restaurants, bars, breweries and event spaces.

Nothing inspires my imagination quite like home design. I love creating clean, beautiful, functional spaces that bring families together. My residential portfolio includes over 600 homes in the Bay Area and beyond. Here in the Bay Area, I maximize every inch of a home’s space because every inch is so expensive! Space planning is my passion. I love working within constraints to create beautiful, livable spaces. My residential designs have been featured in the Rockridge neighborhood Kitchen Tour in 2015 and 2017 and have won the “Best Residential Architect” category in Oakland Magazine’s “Best of Oakland and the East Bay” in 2016 and 2018.

Regardless of style, green is my favorite color: A graduate of the University of Colorado’s Environmental Design program, a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), and a member of SPUR (San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association), I take the environment into consideration in all of my projects.

Because Amato Architecture is a small design firm, I’m able to be involved in every project from the beginning to the very end, so the project you dreamed of is the project you get.