Our design process begins with your needs and ends with a space you love. To that end, we provide 360-degree support for our clients, including:

  • Full integration of functional requirements, code requirements and environmental impact;
  • Production of multiple plan options to determine the optimal layout for the people who will use the space;
  • On-site presence during construction to ensure that the project we envisioned for you is the space that gets built.

Phases of Design & Construction

Our projects typically follow our phases of development:

Before we begin design, our team measures the property and documents all existing conditions at your work site (existing walls, windows, doors, ceiling heights, etc.). In Pre-Design, we also research local building codes governing parameters, including building heights and setbacks (code analysis). Our familiarity with the building department and permitting process ensures smoother sailing through construction and inspection.

This is the fun part! We start design by understanding how people will use and flow through the space, meeting with you to understand your needs, and then producing multiple studies in floorplan format to optimize layout.

When it comes to one of the biggest projects you’re likely to undertake, we want to give your choices. We start with a conservative approach to design, retaining existing elements when possible to make a gentler impact on the environment and on your budget. Then we let imagination take flight. At our first design meeting, we will present you with a variety of options expressed in two to three floor plan layouts, from retaining the existing floor plan to moving rooms across a house. Our favorite design question is: What if…? Design is a process both we and our clients always enjoy!

From your favorite options, we produce a final plan, moving from schematic drawings to pricing drawings, which we submit to contractors to provide you with a rough estimate of construction costs for your chosen design.

Taking cost estimates into account, we can make final modifications to the plan before creating your permit drawings.

Successful execution depends on detailed planning. In the Construction Documentation phase, we put every detail to paper, from electrical and plumbing specifications to fixtures and finishes, so your contractor knows exactly what you want and how you want it built. As the head coordinating body for your project, we bring all plans and drawings from all parties together to produce the final and complete set of documents for your contractor. Construction drawings include your permit sets and provide the basis for final cost estimates for the project.


As your architect, we remain involved in throughout construction process to ensure that the final product matches the design intent. It’s not uncommon during construction to find that modifications can or must be made on site. We can often confer directly with the contractor to come up with an optimal solution before you even know there’s been an issue. By remaining involved through construction, we make sure that your big project is a source of excitement, not stress. We’re here to make the project as easy as possible. At the end of it all: a space to enjoy for years to come!