Architectural Design Approach

Integrative Design

The best home and commercial design projects bring every element together: form and function; the space and its surroundings; vision and detail; budget and style; the place and the people who live and work there. We approach every project with an eye to the harmonious integration of each element of design. From your wildest dreams to your final inspection, we think of everything. These are our core values:
We design spaces for the people who use them. Because the design of a space shapes the way people move through it, we collaborate with you from day one to understand how you live and work, offering you a full exploration of the design options that match your everyday needs, your budget and your personal style. We take the unusual step of designing with virtual furniture in the rooms, to make absolutely certain your finished home is a place you enjoy to the fullest. Making potentially stressful projects run smoothly is an art we practice every day.
We think some things are worth saving. Like old-growth, Bay Area redwood beams; and authentic Craftsman details; and the planet we share. With a background in environmental design, we take a conservative approach to design, saving “good bones,” specifying renewable materials and integrating the natural surround as a core element in our designs.
We don’t see limits. We see opportunities for creativity at every turn. Our attention to detail is one of the many reasons we are consistently awarded permits for our projects. Not to mention the delight of our clients.
Building a home or commercial space takes a team. As your architects, we are the heart of your team and your advocates during construction. We make sure that the design you’ve always dreamed of is the design you walk into when your project is done. When problems come up on the job site, we work with contractors to give you solutions, so your construction goes as smoothly as possible.