Jordan Street - San Francisco

Jordan Avenue, San Francisco

Residential, Kitchen Remodel
Living well in a Victorian home no longer requires lighting the gas lamps at dusk. We redesigned the kitchen and living room in this Jordan Street Victorian with a modern touch that gives the home as much character on the inside as it has on the outside. We started with a unique Paldao wood veneer and set it horizontally on the cabinets, complementing metal trim, high gloss whites and a painted glass backsplash that is all about simplicity and style. In the living room, we removed Victorian-era molding, windows and columns for a cleaner, more modern look that blends beautifully with the kitchen. The entire design is sleek and tasteful. Ascots entirely optional.

Contractor: Whitney Collins, Whitney Builders
Cabinetry: Rivendell Woodworks
Photographer: Mitchell Shenker