Kearney Avenue, Oakland

Backyard ADU, Conversion

A defunct, detached one-car garage became the life of the party with this ADU conversion. Now it’s a studio guesthouse perfect for entertaining in the yard shared with the main home! An all-electric kitchen with induction cooktop, drawer refrigerator and freezer, and bi-fold windows over the kitchen sink for indoor/outdoor passthrough make for easy backyard entertaining. Guests also enjoy access to a full bathroom with a simple, modern and warm, rich feel. When it’s not in service for outdoor entertaining, the ADU makes a cozy home-away-from-home for grandparents and other overnight guests. Look closely at the kitchen ceiling and you’ll see a hatch with a pulldown ladder that grandchildren can scramble up for loft-level sleepovers. Who says the party ever has to stop?

Photography: Mo Saito