Kingston Ave, Piedmont

Kingston Avenue, Piedmont

Craftsman (Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Renovation)

Architects look at existing homes and see new spaces. For our clients on Kingston Avenue in Piedmont, refreshing a 1920’s Craftsman fixer-upper also meant seeing the future. A young couple who contracted Amato Architecture to refresh a dilapidated kitchen in their new home on Kingston asked us to design for the dog and children they imagined having one day. With the contemporary needs of a growing family in mind, we expanded the kitchen toward the backyard and opened up the wall between dining room and kitchen, creating a transition zone from the dining room to the back yard. A new, mudroom entrance on the side of the house (doggy door included!) anticipates the arrival of animals and children with a space for backpacks and boots; and new doors in the home’s original style shut the area off from view, when needed. The newly opened dining room makes a space equally comfortable for working from home and for dinner parties, with access to the self-service beverage station in the kitchen. A powder room, relocated from the back of the house to the central area near the stairs, creates easier access for family and friends. Moving the laundry room up to the second floor, where we tucked it away in a closet outside refreshed bathrooms and bedrooms, means less up-and-down when a new baby brings multiple loads of laundry a week. We love finding ways for a house to grow with the people who live in it. In this case, we’re pleased to add: for the people and the puppy!

Contractor: E&J Builders, Eric Sterken
Photographer: Mo Saito