Manila Ave.

Manila Avenue, Oakland

Craftsman (Kitchen Remodel, Renovation)

A tight space and a tight budget challenged us to transform this Craftsman kitchen into a welcoming live/work area that showcases a cherished garden. No one wants to do laundry just to enjoy the view, so we reframed the enclosed laundry porch, extending the roof to reclaim that space for the kitchen, where we situated garden windows near the sink and back door for a living, green surround. We moved the laundry closer to the bedrooms, a more efficient design that cleared a line of sight between the kitchen and the dining room, enhanced by doubling the width of the doorway. Craftsman trim throughout the new design keeps the house consistent and unified. Fun colors and semi-handmade cabinet doors over Ikea cabinets make for a custom look on a small budget — with plenty of space to put things away. When COVID hit, our clients were overjoyed to have a kitchen they could work in, and lots of access to the outdoors. Their dogs appreciated the extended indoor/outdoor spaces, too.

Contractor: Assembly Builders
Photographer: Mo Saito