Sherwick Drive, Oakland

Kitchen Remodel, Reconfiguration

Changing times, changing tastes and changing owners inspired the renovation of this quirky, Oakland Hills home, formerly characterized by its asymmetrical, dark beams, heavy wood accents and omnipresent solar panel installation. For the new owners, we said goodbye to the dark wood Spirit of the 1970s and said hello to light —lighter wood floors; larger windows to bring in more light and big, bright views of the bay. V-groove -paneling on the cabinets nodded to the old “groovy” wood paneled walls, but with a pop of bright, friendly Bay blue. The back of the house got lighter and more open, too, with the removal of a heavy sun porch to expand the pool deck. Additional reconfiguration improved the layout of bathrooms and switched the location of parents’ and childrens’ bedrooms, from second to first floor and vice versa. The renovation is a welcome breath of fresh air for the new family who intends to enjoy this home for years to come.

Contractor: Hometelligent Inc.
Cabinetry: Precision Cabinetry
Photographer: CRE8R Agency