Van Dorn, Lake Country

Van Dorn, Lake County

Modern Farmhouse (Vacation Home, Guest Studio)

When the Valley Fire swept through Lake County in 2015, destroying 90% of the homes in Anderson Springs, our clients on Van Dorn Road embraced the opportunity to rebuild from the ashes, designing their dream home: a simple, two-story, open-plan, 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath modern ranch with a simple, rectangular detached studio for the enjoyment of their family and friends. Inspired by our clients’ love of the land, our design emphasizes the relationship between indoors and out. 

Expansive decks physically connect indoors and outdoors, while large windows visually invite the outdoors in, with views across the vast, fire-cleared hills. The family enjoys spending time outside between the main house and the detached guest studio, where a trellis connects and anchors the communal space, which includes a hot tub and deck overlooking the adjacent lot, which they have converted into a cabernet vineyard. A former professional stager, our client put her personal touch into their Van Dorn home, the second of their properties designed by Amato Architecture, selecting all of the home’s materials and finishes. Sitting out on a warm summer evening, overlooking all they’ve rebuilt, our clients raise their glasses to good fortune, long life and beautiful design!

Photographer: Mo Saito