Village Drive

Village Drive, El Cerrito

Split-level (Kitchen Remodel, Renovation, Second-story Addition, ADU)

The owners of this former cookie-cutter split-level are sitting on top of the world in El Cerrito. Noticing the potential for great views of the Bay, we started their transformation from a 2/1 to a 3/2 with the second-story addition of a primary bedroom suite to frame a stunning panorama. A spacious balcony accessible from the stairway creates an inviting patio for socializing with guests without compromising the privacy of the bedroom. On the first floor, we moved the tiny, awkwardly situated kitchen to the back of the house for an open, welcoming floorplan that extends into the newly leveled yard. Welcome to California living! Adding a Junior ADU allowed us to create that longed-for office/guest space/exercise/laundry room in what was once the garage, whose facade we preserved along with storage space for bikes and equipment. This young family is thrilled with their new space; they decided to choose their own finishes and we helped decide how it would all come together. We love creative collaborations with our enthusiastic clients!

Contractor: Miguel Garcia
Cabinetry: Stonewood Kitchen & Bath
Photography: Ken Gutmaker