Virmar St., Oakland

Virmar Street, Oakland

Residential, Addition
Rockridge is one of our favorite neighborhoods, a corner of Oakland we love not just for the great amenities in walking distance, but for the historic charm of its early 20th century homes. When we added a second story to this Virmar Avenue bungalow, we took care to blend the new seamlessly with the old, adding space for a young family while preserving the historic character of the home. Upstairs, three bedrooms, two baths and a laundry room give the family ample room to relax. Downstairs, we reclaimed one of the former bedrooms to expand the kitchen and family room, leaving one guest bed and bathroom on the main floor. From the outside, the home looks much the same. Inside, it’s a world of light and space. The kids enjoy their own second story add-on: a playspace loft tucked over two back-to-back closets. We’re whimsical like that.

Contractor: Berkeley Craftsmen
Photographer: Mo Saito