Residential Design

Functional beauty defines our approach to home design. Whether for remodel or new construction, we design homes for the people who will live in them, with floor plans that bring people together and design elements that reflect the homeowner’s personality. Here are some of our favorites:
Residential, Remodel, Reconfiguration
Kitchen Remodel, Reconfiguration
Shingle-style Historic Craftsman (Whole House Renovation, Kitchen Remodel)
Split-level (Kitchen Remodel, Renovation, Second-story Addition, ADU)
Residential, Remodel, Reconfiguration
Residential, Kitchen Remodel
Craftsman (Kitchen Remodel, Redesign)
Residential, Addition
Residential Addition, Accessory Dwelling Unit/ADU
Residential Remodel
Temescal Craftsman, (Residential Remodel, Renovation, Addition, Basement Excavation, Kitchen Remodel, Bedrooms, Exterior Redesign)
Craftsman (Remodel, Renovation, Kitchen Remodel, Bedroom)
Craftsman (Kitchen Remodel, Renovation)
Craftsman (Renovation, Second Story Addition, Kitchen Remodel)
Craftsman (Whole House Renovation)
Residential, Remodel, Kitchen
High-Peaked Colonial Revival (Whole House Renovation, Junior ADU)
Residential Redesign, Remodel
Residential Remodel, Addition
Residential, Reconfiguration, Remodel
Residential, Remodel, Kitchen, Bath
Residential, Addition, Guest House
Residential, Renovation, Addition
Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel
Temescal Modern (Redesign, Lift, Universal Design for Aging in Place)
Modern Farmhouse (Vacation Home, Guest Studio)
Craftsman Bungalow (Kitchen Remodel, Renovation, Addition)
Craftsman (Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Renovation)
Residential, Kitchen Remodel
Residential Redesign, Kitchen Remodel
Cottage (Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Expansion)
Master Plan, Multi-phase Remodel, Deck, Kitchen Remodel